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"AirBreeze Mini Neck Fan" ™

"AirBreeze Mini Neck Fan" ™

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 "Indulge in Unrivaled Cooling Comfort with the AirBreeze Mini Neck Fan - Your Portable, Blade-less Neck Fan for Ultimate Refreshment!"

Hanging Neck Cooling Fan - Phonery Breeze ® Portable Neck Fan

"Customize Your Cooling Experience with 3 Adjustable Speeds."


"Stay Cool Anywhere, Anytime with our Hanging Neck Fan featuring 3 Speed Settings - Ideal for indoor and outdoor activities like office work, workouts, picnics, and more. Enjoy personalized comfort in any situation with effortless speed adjustment."



"Enjoy Prolonged Usage with our Rechargeable Long-Life Battery."


"Experience the Ultimate Convenience of our Cooling Neck Fan - Enjoy Non-stop Cooling for up to 16 Hours on a Single Charge! (Up to 8 Hours on Low, 6 Hours on Medium, and 4 Hours on High). Recharging the 2400mAh Battery is a Breeze with USB-C, taking only a few hours. Simplistic, User-Friendly, and Incredibly Convenient."


Hanging Neck Cooling Fan - Phonery Breeze ® Portable Neck Fan\

"Experience Ultimate Portability with this Lightweight Bladeless Fan"


Weighing just 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg), it's designed for all-day comfortable wear. Enjoy Peaceful Cooling with Minimal Noise, ensuring a distraction-free experience. Its Hands-Free Design sets it apart from other fans, making it exceptionally easy and convenient to use wherever you go."




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